Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And We're Off...

By Brian at 9:47 AM
Melissa and I leave tonight on a British Airways flight to Spain. We're starting our trip in Madrid and will be there for the first five days, including potential day trips to Toledo and Segovia. From there we head to Morocco, with our first stop in Marrakech. We then venture out to the desert to ride camels and camp out among the sand dunes. Then back to civilization to the beach city of Essaouira. We'll hit a few more Morrocan cities before heading back to Sevilla in Spain just in time to catch the tail end of Semana Santa.

We've been planning this trip for over six months and it's crazy that it all begins tonight. We're truly going to miss everyone, but with Facebook, this blog, and wifi almost everywhere we won't be that far away.