By Melissa at 9:24 PM
About Us
Budapest 2009
Brian and Melissa are a recently married couple who left their jobs in San Francisco to travel for a year. A pairing of opposites attract, Melissa grew up in the Caribbean and Central America and was born into a travel happy family. Brian, raised in New Jersey, had never traveled far from home until he went to college because his family all lived within a few hours drive from each other. Melissa infected Brian with the travel bug and the dream of traveling the world for a year was conceived. After the trip we will be returning to live San Francisco.

About The Trip
After years of having this trip be just a pipe dream we're beyond excited that we are finally able to make it happen. The timing finally worked out where we weren’t in college, graduate school, starting careers, changing jobs, planning a wedding or anything else. We'll be traveling on a step above "backpacker" level, so mostly private rooms in hostels, two star hotels and as many nights on friends' couches as they'll let us.

We have a planned travel itinerary, which we've posted on the right side, but it's bound to change.

About the site
We created this travel blog mainly so that our friends and family could keep up to date on our travels, but also to serve as a resource to others considering the same type of trip. When we decided to embark on this trip, we researched many around-the-world travel blogs and while those websites were very helpful, the majority of those sites targeted a slightly different demographic. Namely backpackers in their early 20’s who were taking their 'Gap Year' trip or those who had decided to leave their desk jobs behind forever and travel the world indefinitely.

Since neither of those options described us, we did a little more digging and found a handful of blogs written by people with similar backgrounds. Mid-career professionals who wanted to spend six months to a year pursuing their traveling dreams on a slightly cushier budget than most backpackers. Also, when we started telling friends about our plans, we found a surprising number of them knew other people who were doing the same thing. So we thought we should add our take on this experience.